• Welcome to Legolu Instaladora

  • Electricity

    We take care of all kinds of electricity work.

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  • Plumbing

    We install any kind of plumbing you need for your Project.

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  • Heating

    We are an authorised installer, in a place where Winter allows us to créate cozy environments.

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  • Air conditioning

    We design air conditiong set ups by prioritising the well-being of each environment.

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Welcome to Legolu Instaladora S.L.

LEGOLU instaladora S.L. is a company from Mallorca. We have a team that specialises in full installations, hotels, single-family and multi-family homes, businesses, etc. Our job is to set about our clients’ needs and offer a quality service.

At LEGOLU instaladora S.L. we have a Project for each idea and an idea for each Project with the best guarantee.

We specialise in:

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is for experts, our main goal is to closely review each unique case.

At LEGOLU instaladora S.L. we design air conditioning installations prioritising the well-being of each environment and adapting them to each client’s needs.


Choose LEGOLU instaladora S.L. if you need an electrician in Mallorca.

We take on all kinds of electricity projects.


Plumbing is one of our fortes. We install the plumbing you need for your project with great value for money with the best high performance material.


Another area that we are passionate about is the heating installation in Mallorca.

We are an authorized installer, in a place where winter allows us to create welcoming environments.

Some of our recent jobs

If you want to hire our services or have any question, do not hesitate to contact us with no commitment.